Our incredibly talented team of developers, designers and managers set out to change the way digital products could accept payments. HOTCOIN is the result of over 20 years of dedication and industry leading innovation. We’re so proud of our team and our product.

David Koonar

Crypto Pioneer

As an early adopter of cryptocurrency and an evangelist for the potential of decentralized networks, David has unquestionably been the driving force behind HOTCOIN. For over 20 years he has helped forge connections between investors and Startups with a focus on emerging technology and digital entertainment. His vision leads the HOTCOIN team and helps guide overall strategy and brand voice.

Phil Bradbury

Business Development

Phil has positioned himself as a leading influencer in the online entertainment industry. With an unrelenting focus and commitment to exceeding user expectations, Phil has successfully advised several of the brands you know and love. By implementing cutting-edge project management, skillful collaboration and time-tested biz dev techniques, Phil strives to identify new opportunities and grow connections that strengthen HOTCOIN and facilitate widespread use of reliable cryptocurrencies.

Yes, all this is very real. So real, in fact, that HotCoin is one of the more successful ICOs. They are already an established company and have multiple partnerships with prominent adult websites. Moreover, they have published a white paper (which is aptly titled ‘wank paper’) that very clearly and succinctly expains the rationale behind their project. Who would’ve thought porn could be so professional?”

Frederik Nielsen – ICOFRIENDS




The company behind the team has over 20 years of digital product building experience. Adding blockchain to it’s list of accomplishments several years ago, it’s ready to forge this new chapter in online payment solutions. It has a complete understanding of every vertical, which gave it a unique position to create and maintain the professional payment solution online businesses were longing for.



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