Follow the simple steps below and rest assured that your HOTCOIN will be safe, secure and ready to spend at all times.


Install the MyEtherWallet Chrome Extension

The MyEtherWallet is the best multi-platform wallet we recommend for managing your HOTCOIN. If you decide to use a different wallet, we may not be able to help you if something goes wrong.  Our team has tested MyEtherWallet extensively, to ensure a smooth transfer process.

Download the MyEtherWallet extension here.

Convert WKC Step 1


Setting Up Your New Ethereum (ERC20) Wallet

After you successfully install the MyEthereumWallet extension, you will now see the extension’s icon in your browser bar. Click it to get started.

You will then see the popup window depicted in our screenshot. Click either of the “Add Wallet” links to move on to step 3.

Convert WKC Step 2


Setting Up Your New Wallet Details

Before going any further, please note this important detail. When you create a MyEtherWallet account, you are simply generating a cryptographic set of numbers: your private key and your public key (address).

The handling of your keys happens entirely on your computer, inside your browser. So if you forget your password, there is simply no way for MyEtherWallet to retrieve it. In other words, you’re screwed.

To finish creating your wallet, start at “What would you like to do?”. Select, “Generate New Wallet”. Then enter in a “Nickname” and “Password” for your wallet. Again, make sure you write down and save this password. After doing so, click the blue “Create New Wallet” button to complete this step.

Convert WKC Step 3


Your MyEtherWallet List

Now that you’ve completed the setup process for your new wallet, you will see it appear in your wallet list inside the extension’s popup window.

Click on “My Wallets” to move onto the next step.

Convert WKC Step 4


Viewing Your New MyEtherWallet

Simply click on the gold colored “eye” icon to view the details page for your newly created wallet. You will be prompted to enter the wallets password, before moving to the details page. Please do so and proceed.

Convert WKC Step 5


Adding HTC as a Custom Token

Before you are able to receive our new ETH based HTC tokens to your wallet, you must add it as a custom token.

Skipping this step will result in you not being able to see your new HTC coins after they are transferred.

Simply, click the “Add Custom Token” button, located inside the “Token Balances” box.

Convert WKC Step 6


HTC Custom Token Details

Be diligent with this part of the process. Adding improper details will create undesired results. Please enter the following details in the correlating input boxes.

Address: 0x4304bD6506Aa9D2708eeD2aea1cfcb0aDAf652E5
Token Symbol: HTC
Decimals: 18

Then hit “Save“.

Convert WKC Step 7


Using Your New ETH Wallet

Phew. Ok, you’re ready to start sending and receiving HOTCOIN. Simply copy your public wallet address and you’re good to go.

Convert WKC Step 8

Questions About Setup

Do I have to use the Chrome Extension?

No, that’s simply what we recommend using as it simplifies the process. Feel free to go through any browser to The setup process is fairly close to what we’ve outlined above.



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