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What is HOTCOIN?

HOTCOIN (HCN) is a decentralized digital currency (cryptocurrency) built on ethereum blockchain technology and is in active use in the digital entertainment industry.

What are HOTCOIN's Goals?

As a digital currency, HOTCOIN replaces traditional online payment options that are typically subject to fraud, identity theft, astronomical processing fees and overreaching regulations. HOTCOIN tokens are designed to make online transactions secure and private.

How Can I Buy HOTCOIN?

You’ll need to register at HOTCOIN and setup your own ERC20 compatible wallet to start buying HCN tokens. Compatible wallets include but are not limited to; MyEitherWallet (also suggested: MyEtherWallet Chrome Extension) or Trust.

MyEtherWallet Setup Instructions or Trust Setup Instructions

Once your wallet is setup and configured to accept HOTCOIN, you can purchase HOTCOIN with Ethereum, Bitcoin, LiteCoin or Bitcoin Cash. Follow the instructions given to get your unique Payment Address and to define the amount of HCN for your purchase.

What are the technical/processing specifics for HOTCOIN?

HOTCOIN (HCN) is an ERC-20 token.

Public Address: 0x4304bd6506aa9d2708eed2aea1cfcb0adaf652e5

Decimals: 18

2,000,000,000 HCN created

What is the minimum buy amount?

There is no set minimum and you are free to purchase HCN tokens in the amounts that suit you best.

Does HOTCOIN Offer Bonuses?

Yes. You can earn bonus HCN when purchasing under one our predetermined Bonus Levels.

Level 1 – Earn an additional 40% on your HOTCOIN purchase (first 200 million HCN sold).

Level 2 – Earn an additional 30% on your HOTCOIN purchase (next 200 million HCN sold).

Level 3 – Earn an additional 20% on your HOTCOIN purchase (next 200 million HCN sold).

Level 4 – Earn an additional 10% on your HOTCOIN purchase (final 200 million HCN sold).


The HOTCOIN Referral Program rewards you with a bonus 5% (on base purchase) on any HOTCOIN user buyer your send to us. Login to HOTCOIN to get your HCN Referral link code.

When does the HCN Token Sale begin?

The initial Token Sale for ERC20 HCN tokens started on May 7th, 2018.


I’m holding old SHA-256 HOTCOIN, what should I do?

The HOTCOIN Token Swap features allows you to swap your older SHA-256 WKZ for the updated ERC20 Tokens. Login to your HOTCOIN dashboard and follow the instructions shown.

HOTCOIN Token Swap

Where Can I find the old HCN wallet?

You can download your old SHA-256 based HOTCOIN wallet here.

Where Can I spend HOTCOIN tokens?

HOTCOIN is already partnered with a long list of popular adult entertainment brands. With a wealth of entertainment oriented properties on the way, HOTCOIN is quickly becoming the defacto digital payment preferrence.

I'm Interested in becoming a partner with HOTCOIN. How can I get in contact?

Interested in becoming partners with  HOTCOIN or integrating HCN tokens as a payment option on my own website or brand? Reach out via email using our Contact Form.

How will HOTCOIN protect its brand from unethical companies attempting to process with HCN tokens?

Each potential HOTCOIN partner are required to complete our registration process and undergo a comprehensive vetting process to make sure any brand offering HCN tokens follow legal and ethical standards.



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